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By Horticulturist, Paul Smith

It’s been a long few months for Victorians under the duress of COVID19. Our freedoms have been restricted and our resolve tested. But we’re a resilient bunch.

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By Horticulturist, Paul Smith.

As a horticulturist, it’s only natural to form attachments with some plant species over others. You get to develop a deep understanding for which plants and flowers work well in specific applications and in combination with other varieties to achieve striking affects.

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When it comes to garden maintenance, irrigation is number one. Managing the water requirements for a garden can be a delicate job. It’s about balancing the water demands for each plant with unpredictable weather patterns and sustainable water usage.

The first thing Botanic Horticulture look for during an initial garden maintenance consultation is appropriate irrigation. The secret is having the right systems for the right applications and maintaining them regularly.

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Interview with Nathan Burkett, director of NBLA, an award-winning landscape architecture studio based in Hawthorn, Melbourne. Nathan is a qualified Landscape Architect with over two decades’ experience.

Here, Nathan shares his love for landscape design and why genuinely great gardens require a smart approach to garden maintenance.

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Recently, we introduced a Turf Specialist, David Cole, to the Botanic Horticulture Team. David brings four decades’ experience managing and maintaining lawns and greens across Victoria for both public and private golf courses, sporting fields and high-end private residences. His extensive knowledge in fine turf management will be an invaluable asset to our garden services.

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