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We recognise your garden is not only a valuable investment, but a space you love to spend time in and enjoy.  Our garden maintenance services can be tailored to consider your needs and the unique demands of your garden.

A few key services we offer

Scheduled Garden Maintenance

A planned approach that offers expert ongoing care and attention for your garden, while being respectful to your privacy.

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Lawn Care and Installation

Providing the right turf and specialised care for pristine, healthy lawns.

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Garden Pest and Disease Control

Identifying the causes for pest and disease and implementing the right treatments to quickly eradicate them.

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Tree and Plant Pruning

A seasonal approach to pruning that understands the different types of trees and plants and their requirements.

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Advanced Hedge Management

A skilled team of staff with the appropriate certificates and equipment to manage and maintain hedges no matter their height or shape.

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Irrigation Maintenance & Installation

Understanding your garden’s water requirements and offering the knowledge and expertise to install and maintain irrigation systems of all types and complexities.

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Pressure Cleaning

Sustainable treatments and practices to clean dirt and grime and protect the surfaces of your pavers, concrete, walls, screens and driveways.

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Fine Turf Management

A proactive approach that considers the type of turf, mowing height, water, fertilisation and seasonal requirements to maintain healthy lawns and greens.

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Applying quality organic mulch to suppress weeds, increase your soil’s water retention and encourage healthy, thriving plants.

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Garden Renovations and Maintenance

Customised to your budget and requirements, our garden makeovers modernise layout, improve aesthetic appearance and increase liveability.

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