When it comes to garden maintenance, irrigation is number one. Managing the water requirements for a garden can be a delicate job. It’s about balancing the water demands for each plant with unpredictable weather patterns and sustainable water usage.

The first thing Botanic Horticulture look for during an initial garden maintenance consultation is appropriate irrigation. The secret is having the right systems for the right applications and maintaining them regularly.

An irrigation system for every application

Having the right type of irrigation systems to address the different watering elements within your garden is key. Some plants, for instance, prefer to be watered at ground level. Others need their foliage watered and so height plays an advantage.

Drip irrigation or dribble water systems allow you to apply moisture directly to specific plants and their root systems. They’re a great way to control water distribution and reduce wastage.

Spray systems (also known as sprinkler irrigation) use a style of watering which mimics rainfall. There are many choices of spray irrigation systems to suit the varying watering demands. They can be an effective way of watering a large area but must be used in the right application. Watering plants from overhead, for instance, isn’t ideal for all plants because the foliage of the plant gets soaked, preventing the plant from breathing and creating problems with fungi.

Blue-tooth and wi-fi technology allows better control

New and emerging technologies have opened a world of convenience, enabling irrigation systems to be managed remotely. Botanic Horticulture control the water requirements for many of our clients using wireless technologies that allow us to tap into irrigation systems and make adjustments on the spot. Efficient management for irrigation systems also requires a physical presence to see the health of plants firsthand, but these technological advancements have led to greater insights, flexibility and control.

The importance of regular maintenance

It’s when people underestimate the complexities of maintaining an efficient irrigation system that problems arise; saturated garden beds or thirsty plants, and fungi to name a few.

We’ve had clients come to us because they’ve been managing their own irrigation only to realise their water has been left on permanently for a week, or their drip line has become buried in the soil and strangled by routes, preventing the flow of water.

Irrigation systems need constant monitoring. Some of the most common services we provide include:

  • Checking drip lines for leaks
  • Cleaning, flushing and servicing solenoid valves
  • Checking wiring to prevent shortages
  • Monitoring control units to ensure appropriate watering
  • Managing lawn sprays for even coverage
Why Botanic Horticulture for your Irrigation Needs?

We have over a decade’s experience installing, maintaining and managing all types of irrigation systems. We allocate the same team to each garden, qualified and committed to understanding the specific water demands so they can manage the irrigation effectively. It’s a specialised field. Our advanced horticultural knowledge and affiliation with professional irrigation suppliers, enables us to handle projects of all sizes and complexities.

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