Sweet and petite, Limonium perezii or Sea Lavender has earned a permanent place in our hearts. This striking yet delicate bloom is known for retaining its vivid colour and for this reason, is referred to as the “everlasting flower”.

Native to Mediterranean coastal areas, Limonium perezii is a herbaceous perennial producing vibrant purple-blue papery blooms atop angular wiry stems. Its foliage forms a low-lying rosette of large, wavey leaves from which the flowers float on tall stems above.

Growing Conditions:

Sea Lavender is highly tolerant and can withstand hot, dry, and windy conditions making it ideal for coastal gardens.  It thrives when positioned in full sun with free-draining, sandy soil.

Care & Maintenance:

A low-maintenance species, Limonium will benefit from applying fertiliser in early Spring and should be dead-headed when spent flowers have completely dried.  It is best not to overwater Limonium to avoid root rot.

In a garden:

Limonium perezii works wonderfully when planted in groups as a border perennial adding brilliant colour and interest to a garden year-round.   Cut flowers will retain their vibrant colour even when dried.