It’s been a long few months for Victorians under the duress of COVID19. Our freedoms have been restricted and our resolve tested. But we’re a resilient bunch. We look for the positives in times of crisis. That’s how the team at Botanic are approaching it.

For the past month our gardeners have been diligently working on your garden programs and revising our systems in preparation for the other side of lockdown, so we’re ready, organised and equipped to have your gardens in their best shape for you to enjoy longer, warmer days entertaining friends and enjoying returned liberties.


5 Important Spring Gardening Tasks

As gardeners, we can’t help getting a little excited about spring. Everything is buzzing and sprouting and flourishing. But there’s also a lot to do to take advantage of these active months to get your garden looking its best.


Maintaining Lawns

Come spring, lawns (and their weeds) tend to grow quickly. At this time, we like to schedule extra mowing and weed spraying runs to ensure we return your lawns to their ideal height without compromising their health. Mowing a tall lawn back to ideal height is delicate – too soon and too fast can present issues. We may also need to top dress lawns with new soil and re-seed patchy areas to stimulate regrowth and healthy texture.



As gardens grow and flower, they get hungry. By fertilising your garden beds and pot plants, we give them the nourishment they need to thrive and remain healthy. Some plants and vegetation need that extra bit of fertilising such as fruits, vegetables, roses, gardenias and hibiscus.


Pruning and Trimming

By pruning and trimming your plants and hedges, we make way for growth while encouraging flowering, foliage, and greater vibrancy. We cut out dead, deceased or dying stems and create shape and form for your garden.



Spring is the best time for us to plant new flowers, shrubs and trees to breathe fresh life into your garden and take advantage of spring’s healthy growing climate before the hotter months kick in.



We take this time to check your irrigation system, adding any new lines that are needed and ensuring your garden gets the water it craves during these thirsty growing months through to summer.

A few of our favourite things…

With spring being the best time of year to plant, here are a few of our favourites that will add colour and vibrancy to your garden:

Malus ioensis ‘Plena’ – Crab Apple

This beautiful, hardy crab apple tree produces masses of double-pink spring blossoms that will waft a sweet perfume around your garden.


Are perfect to fill that tricky, shady spot under trees or in pots. With soft, red flowers and green tips, they can even be brought inside to brighten up your home.

Courtyard Lime

This compact, neat ever-growing fruiting tree is perfect for pots and has a juicy, acid lime flavoured fruit that can be slipped into a Gin & Tonic to enjoy alfresco as the weather warms up.

Call the team at Botanic Horticulture on 03 9095 8328 to discuss your garden needs and plans this spring.